Sherfield English

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Sherfield English & District Community Association

SEDCA's monthly newsletter covers events in the village, from news on major planning issues to club reports. A copy is delivered free of charge to every village resident. Copy deadline is 18th of the month.
Editor:David Griffiths: 01794 323 469 or email sedca 'at'

The SEDCA news letter is published for 11 months of each year (December and January are combined), and has been part of Sherfield English Village life for over 40 years.

Its role is to represent all village groups, associations or communities and provide a forum to disseminate and share information. Over the years, membership of the committee has declined and SEDCA would like to invite every group to ensure that it has a representative on the committee.

Groups currently contributing to SEDCA are as follows:


Chair:   Clare Durham: clare at
Treasurer:   Rosemary Penn-Newman
Editor:   David Griffiths


Gardening Club  Greta Thew

SERP  Lisa Dovey

Childrens' Community Garden

Parish Council

St Leonard's Church Clare Durham: clare 'at'

Village Hall

Any other group that wishes to participate please contact the editor sedca'at'