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The village is served by four different exchanges and more sub cabinets , so we are complex. Of these Whiteparish 1, West Wellow 3 and Lockerley 4 are already fibre enabled but may be too far from your property for you to see any benefit. As distance increases from the fibre enabled cabinet, broadband speeds drop off fast on old copper cables and if you are more than 1.2km from a fibre enabled cabinet then you are unlikely to see any benefit from it.

Currently there are co-coordinators within the village liaising with BTCommunity fibre partnership to look at installing more fibre enabled cabinets within our locality. Most of these additional cabinets will have to be partly funded by our local communities. The first stage is to get BT Community fibre to prepare engineers costings and this process has been started for most of our areas, see details below.

Please do email me if you have any queries or live locally and would like your details added to our lists.

The latest information given to me, as of May 2017 is:
Whiteparish 1 – sub cabinet 1 on A27 opposite School House (north of old post office) – to be upgraded in Hampshire Broadband rollout plan 2016-2018. Some , but not all properties on WhiteParish 1 will be able to get faster broadband (if you pay the extra)
West Wellow 3 – secondary cabinet upgrade happening - as part of a Community Fibre Partnership – BUT is likely to still be too far away to increase speeds in the village for those on WW3. I have a quote for FTTP for properties in chruch Lane but it is expensive!
West Wellow 5 – details of village properties submitted to BTCommunity fibre and I haev jsut recived a FTTP quote at about £1,500 per property.
Lockerley 4 – Initial costings recieved for additional fibre cabinets but have asked for these to be revised to include an extra cabinet. Revised costsings not yet recieved.
Romsey 3 – this is showing on Hampshire Broadband site as being in the roll out plan BUT the local cabinet that is likely to be fibre enabled is on A27 opposite Hampshire Collegiate School Entrance and so is likely to be too far from most properties for them to see any benefit. Contact me if you would like to help collate details of properties in this area.

You can check your cabinet and you estimated available broadband speed using

There is a Virgin fibre to the home/property (FFTH/FTTP) pilot project running in Kings Somborne – Michelmersh area and it would be worth registering your interest. This scheme would give householders much faster broadband speeds.

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