Sherfield English

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Final version of VDS now available for download see Parish Council page

Funday & Garden Show
A mega thank you from the SERP Committee to everyone who visited or helped in any way. There was a lovely atmosphere this year and so many people stayed until the end of the afternoon that the fantastic total of £3750 was raised.

Calling all those in need of decent Broadband speed in the village!
Interested in working together to find ways to
provide the infrastructure we need?
contact me via email:
broadband @


Keeping Warm!
Please contact the co-ordinator for each of the village group buying schemes.
Co-ordinators are:
Eric Hounslow (gas) – Tel 340879 Email:
Richard Smith (oil) – Tel 340938 (before 8pm please) Email:
Unfortunately there is no similar scheme for electricity.

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